Waking up, I’ve nothing to do. Full of energy, empty of obligations. I think over and over. What am I to do? I ponder. Life and it’s wonders, its monstrosities, its mysteries. So I write..

Yesterday I was in physics recitation. My TA is of middle eastern descent. He speaks several (7?.. I think) languages, very well rounded on the different cultures of the world. He decided to give class a 5 minute break before beginning discussion on Kirchoff’s Law.

I learned something in that 5 minutes, I can’t exactly pin point what it was though. He began speaking of his life in the middle east, compared to America. He makes casual jokes about how American’s are supposed to watch TV 12 hours a day, but realizes he watches more TV than anyone in the class. He discusses the difference between war-time in America, and all other countries. He is really astonished how every day life in America is the same during peace time and war-time. One comment he made (with a thick middle-eastern accent),

“You know, in all other country, you don’t go to school when your country at war. Soldiers do or don’t come home here, heads up or down, and we don’t make any acknowledgment of it. You see, America is the greatest country. I do not know of any other country like America. It is the best.” …”you see, it really is not hard to succeed in America, you go to school it is easy, you get a job, it is easy, you make lots of money, it is easy. It is not so easy in other countries to go to school and make good grades. It is so easy here.

And I’m thinking.. “so easy? physics electrical and magnetic is hard dude!” But I gave it a little bit of thought, and came to a different conclusion. Like I said, I’m not exactly sure what this spoke to me, but I know it’s of some notable significance. Under my TA’s viewpoint, America is different than every other country. To me that doesn’t necessarily mean that we are better. It seems like we, or at least myself, don’t have an appreciation for what we have. Lately I have been troubled with self-motivation to do typical things: study, work-out, find a job… And it’s almost like I have a certain degree of self-pity in that. Not intentional, but it’s there. It’s selfish. After hearing my TA sincerely speak of the differences between America and other countries, I feel more encouraged to do the things that I need to do. We really do have it easy. So why make everything hard on ourselves.

Cogito, ergo sum.

That’s all there is to it. The rest is foot work.

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