Fixated a reality around a dream unconscious.

Everything is perfect,
but even perfection has its flaws.

An escape inconceivable glooms inside.
A destiny undecided agitates anxiety within.
The surroundings cognizant bellow below.
The motivation absent shrieks above.

Waiting for the dream to end,
Waking to a reality unfamiliar.
Wake the dreamer, and lose the dream.
Let him be, and lose the drive.

Prolonging for an ignition of some reputable course.
Yet that valiant value verily visits the dream.
The dream awaits the dreamer’s commencement,
Upon which the fire is lit to burn the torch that guides it.

But what is a dream without an accent of aimless disarray.
Awaiting the moment of simultaneous recklessness to disembark
This journey for an offset of unforeseen fantasy through which
Our dreams so gravely depend upon.

Everything has flaws,
But even flaws have little perfections,
That make a dream reality.

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