“We are all just morsels of our own reality, awaiting a fixation of our glooming destiny. We are sealed to the fate with which we bind ourselves through actions, our words, our thoughts. We are that which we fear, that which we hate, that which we love and that which we cherish. We are our highest dreams locked in a box to which the key is hidden inside. We can not turn the tide which we have risen, we can not calm the storm we have awaken. We have but to wait, to hope, to succeed, or fail, in that which we have so fervently spent our lives sewing.
To this declaration I say, not to contort a betwixt confusion, not to seem but a mere scholar; but, to be honest with my own self, to harvest diligence and responsibility, to become the key to opening that box of dreams. For we ourselves are responsible solely for any dictation, or deficit, of happiness in this life which we have so blessedly been given. We must fight for happiness. Fight for happiness, and in it for peace, love, joy. Our fate lies in the fight that we must prepare ourselves for. Because life is a fight, and through it, we may rise, and fall. There will be times of both triumph and defeat. The result is not based on the final victor, the one standing at the end, for we all eventually lose a fight; but it is based on how we get up when all hope is lost, how we find success in our defeat. How we change our tactics to defeat that tyrant who so ferociously knocked us down. They key to winning the fight is that very change, in the midst of all confusion and disarray, change. Defined, change is to make the form, nature, content, or future course of something different from what it is or from what it would be if left alone. Our lives would be dull if left alone. Drones, we would all be, lifeless, listless, lonely, and loathe-full. Morsels of our own reality, the bigger picture lies therein.”

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