Well, my goal in life is happiness. I am happy when my friends and family are happy. If you want to make me happy, be my friend.. and a happy one. I don’t really care what i do for fun, so long as it’s not getting smashed, high, or incarcerated. I’m a student everywhere. I’ve gone from Evangel to UNT to Grayson County College to Collin County College, and now back to Evangel.. I changed schools pretty much every time I changed my major, premed to computer engineering to journalism to philosophy to psychology. I’d like to think I’m smart, but not nearly as smart as most people. I like to write and think, obviously.

I’m a Christian, spiritual, but coming off the religious aspect. To me, religion these days is warped. I don’t believe any man can create any religion that is perfectly right; therefore, I don’t like to judge against different denominations and religions: to each his own. That doesn’t keep me from being a firm believer of my own philosophy of God. However, I do believe that organized religion does strengthen knowledge, goals, beliefs, and faith; and, through those (especially faith), closeness with God, which is personally what I strive for the most.

So yes, I say I’m spiritual, not religious, because religion has a different title to it. Religion is what other men think you should believe. I am open to hearing what other people believe, and agreeing with them on it (or disagreeing), but don’t label myself as that person’s follower (i.e. denominations). Religion should encourage spirituality and unify men, not create prejudice, gossip, and inequality amongst men; not define a lifestyle based on worldy values; not be the basis for rivalry between God’s people.

A good Christian, as originally intended, is one who accepts all people and loves them unconditionally just as Jesus did (whether it is in your best interest or not).

Love is so important. We are called by Christ to live through faith and works — neither one by itself does justice to Christ’s sacrifice. So then, we must be faithful to God, pray to him fervently, seek his guidance on all things, and be a good steward of this world as God entrusted us.

A steward defined is someone who is put in charge of taking care of a given group. So then, we are to take care of this world, like each and every person is our own brother and sister, to love them no matter what, to try as much as possible to give them a glimmer of the love that we have come to know through Christ. There is a lot more to being a Christian than just this, but it is what I am most passionate about.

Other than that, I’m just me and you’d have to get to know me to know anymore.

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