I love great days. Great days are awesome. Get an A on a test. Impress my boss at work. Talk to a cute girl. Have no problems. Do really good at a video game. Clean my car. Do my laundry. Finish a long procrastinated project. Good days are amazing.

But dang. How bad are bad days? Seriously. Do terrible on a test you think you did good on. Make a major screw up at work. Get turned down by the girl you like. Have TONS of problems. Suck at every single game you try to play. Sit in your filthy car. Smell the stench of your Texas sized laundry pile. Procrastinate a long project when you know you should do it. I wish we never had bad days.

But what makes it good and bad?

Dictionary.com defines good as being positive or desirable in nature; not bad or poor.
And so, bad is defined has having negative or undesirable qualities; not good in any manner or degree.

Well simply put, good is the opposite of bad, and vice versa. I think that is a pretty agreeable statement.

So then, back to my wish.

To never have bad days. Always have the best of the best. Never have confrontations. Always happy. Never sad. Always in the limelight. Never in the shadows. Always winning. Never losing.

I think you see, as well as I do, this is obviously not possible.

If bad is the opposite of good, then what is good without bad?

It doesn’t exist. If everything wasn’t bad, how would we know good? It would all be the same. It would almost be kind of boring. We would be, like drones, robots. Buzzing from scene to scene. Feeling nothing. How would we appreciate good if we had no conception of bad. We’d be ignorant of how lucky we are.

So then we have a choice.

To be wise, and appreciate good while putting up with the bad.
Or, to be ignorant and never experience the bad, but at the same time not know how good the good really is.

A sensible person would agree the second is impossible. Even if it were, I don’t know very many people that would chose it. We like emotional highs way too much. And those wouldn’t be possible in such a dull state where bad doesn’t exist.

So, if the choice were available, I believe its safe to say the majority of people would chose to endure the bad to experience the good. Making that choice then, implies that we should expect bad things to happen. We should anticipate having good days as well as bad. I say all this to ask one question..

Why so serious?

Maybe the joker from batman has a good point. Why are we so serious all the time? Why do we act so surprised when something bad happens? I mean, we know its coming. It’s got to come sometime or another. We aren’t immune to bad. No one is. We all have experienced the same crappy, I want to crawl in a hole and die days.

So now we have a second choice:

Brag about how bad your problems are. Complain about them. Seek empathy. Tell yourself that you have been smited by God. Dwell in your pool of negativity and hate. Drink your empathy-tainted water that feeds yours slowly inflating head.

Oh but I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to appear negative.

Well there’s a second choice. Accept it. Expect the bad days as they will come. Consider them good, because one bad day down means there is one good one to come. Life always has a way of balancing itself out — however long it may take.

My main point is, shed yourself of all the negativity. Nothing good comes from it. You feel worse, you make people around you feel worse. It doesn’t contribute anything to this world. It just takes, and takes and takes, like a black hole; and black holes always end up empty.

I don’t really want to end up empty, so I’m going to step right over those bad days up to the good ones, you should too.

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