You are holy Lord.

Angels proclaim this to God. For He left his throne, the perfect kingdom, and gave it up to take our place upon the cross. This is holy. This is Righteous. Our Father sacrificed it all and tore down the walls that kept us apart. And as the dust faded from the aftermath, only His love remained.

It seems crazy that after a millennium we still struggle to realize that these walls no longer exist. Religion is broken. James and Paul are both very clear about the fact that there will always be exploiters of the faith. While denominations serve as a great mechanism to cater to individual preference towards the idea of God, so many times, they forego the main idea: God. Caught up in legalistic principalities, as opposed to building each other through faith, many people seek favor through men as opposed to serving God. We may argue back and forth throughout the next 3 millenniums about the interpretation of God’s message, but one thing has always, and will always remain the same:

God died for our sins, covered us in His love, and called us to share it.

Now regardless of religion, just about every man can come to the conclusion that history is valuable in learning how to deal with the future. It seems to make more sense, that instead of continuing the long beheld tradition of building walls that divide us, that we should build upon the unified body of Christ. We are no longer fazed by the petty things of life that tend to consume our every thought. We are no longer concerned with the “right way” to be Christians. We are no longer individuals. We are one.

We want God to be first in our life: His plans to be our plans, His passions to be our passions, and His thoughts to be our thoughts. We want to be so in tune with God, that we are no longer distracted by people and places, words and phrases. We want to be hopelessly abandoned to this world for the cause of Christ: constantly His hands and feet. To be broken of all physical desires, just knowing the Lord is our refuge.

It is our prayer that we would be able to overcome the obstacles that cause division, to instill a sense of priority for God’s will through every action of every day, and to be more than just a number in the kingdom of God: dynamic Christians. To be plugged in this world, not for the purpose of self-desire, but to the extent that we aren’t just passing through. We are here for a purpose, and it’s not to remain stagnant faith’ers. To be making change in such a daily manner, that our effects would far extend beyond what we could imagine. To be so humbly passionate for Christ that we would know His will better than our own. Most importantly, we pray that we would become a generation known in history for putting God’s church back as the cornerstone for life, love, and faith in this world.

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