It’s Simple: Pray

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(Myself and my good friend Dustin Cox)

It’s amazing to see what God is doing in the lives of those around us. We should want to be so strong in our faith that we are eager every morning to see what God is doing in the world

Certain people are called to bigger missions than dreams could possibly imagine. These world changers are able to speak so brilliantly that they stir up a sort of spiritual excitement. While these people seem to be making a bigger difference than other Christians, they are only the forerunners of the movement of God.
We are the people behind the scenes. We are, in a sense, the defenders of these world changers. Paul describes this system very well in his example of how the church consists of many different people, each of whom have a varying role in the overall function church body. The main idea is that even though we may perceive others as contributing more to the kingdom of God, everyone’s role is equally important. We’ve all been tossed this cliché idea throughout childhood, but it seems important enough to emphasize. Prayer is the most important thing for being a Christian. Everything derives from prayer. We must pray. And pray. And pray. And pray. And it is not enough to stop at praying one time for a particular person or circumstance. We must pray until we see it through. You wouldn’t start a homework or business assignment, stop half way through, and expect it to be done the next morning. Neither can you begin to pray for something and stop before you see its completion. Be fervent in your prayers, and have faith that you’ll see them come true. As God promises, when two or more gather in his name, prayer will be answered. We should be consumed in a state of prayer throughout every day, constantly interceding for world changers and nonbelievers alike, so that the righteous are persevered and the lost are found. In the absence of prayer, world changers would sustain far greater difficulty in accomplishing their spiritual endeavors. Everyone’s role in the kingdom of God is equal. We are all dependent upon each other to further develop our faith and fulfill God’s purpose in our lives.

So we all need to be faithful. Faithful that every prayer we make is of great value to God. Faithful that every prayer has a destination. Faithful that we seek God through prayer every day. Faithful that prayer might become natural in the midst of the daily mundane. Faithful that we uphold a properly functioning body of Christ, void of rivalry and full of love and compassion. The song, “Lean on me,” has the right idea. We all need the prayers of those around us to get through this journey on earth.

So be faithful. And be prayerful.

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