A Christmas Eve Reflection

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Sitting here on this Christmas Eve, listening to the wind howl out my window, watching the snow blowing sideways, I marvel at the power of God.

Often, I find myself wanting to change the world, “Help me do this God, I can do that here, we can change this over there.” I want the whole world to know God as I do. I want the unsaved to see past the American church. I want the “saved” to have eyes to see their ignorance, and coming judgment. I want to fix the world as it is. And I don’t think there is anything wrong with having these desires. Church groups all across the country advertise “World Changers” slogans. That’s great. It shows how much people care about the world. It’s an expression of the love of God on earth.

But tonight, as I read this book “Crazy Love” by Francis Chan, I begin to consider this. God is all powerful. We are empowered by Him. Why not change the world? And it donned on me: God already changed the world when He sacrificed His son. He dedicated 30 perfect years to living on earth so that He could die in such a fashion that He would change the world forever. And it worked. God provided a means for us to be saved by the sin that consumes us.

I don’t think God is going to give us another world changing event before the end of time. We have everything we need in Christ’s sacrifice. The shortage of true Christians isn’t a result of the lack of God’s hand in the world; rather, I believe it is a result of our unwillingness to continually seek God.

Francis Chan explains it so perfectly in his book. Most of the time, “Christians choose,” to follow God…when it is convenient – when there’s extra money in the bank, when you have extra time, when you’re in a good mood, when circumstances easily permit it. Most people somehow “forget” to follow God when it isn’t convenient. Tithing becomes extremely difficult when you are strapped for money. It becomes very hard to stop and minister to a homeless person when it is rainy and cold outside. It becomes hard to help someone out when you have to work late and are tired. And, most of the time, these are acceptable excuses. They are understandable. We are compassionate to other Christians in these inconvenient circumstances. But, do we report to men or to God?

I believe we often make the assumption that if we please the church then we are in agreement with God. To be a real Christian, we are to serve God all of the time, whether it is convenient or inconvenient. It is not hard to do what it is right when it feels right – when it is convenient. You hardly even have to make that decision. It is almost natural. That doesn’t make you a Christian at all. Even demons acknowledged that Christ was the Son of God. They didn’t choose to acknowledge Him. They just knew it, and exclaimed it. You aren’t a Christian until you choose to be. It’s in those inconvenient times that your faith is really tested. That’s when you really have to choose to do what is right. You can choose to follow Jesus, or not.

But God wants all or nothing. Prove me wrong on that statement.


Or nothing. Nothing.

I would contend to you that our desires to be able to change the world around us will be individually fulfilled when we choose to follow God with an all out mentality. As Christmas approaches in the coming morning, let’s celebrate the life of Jesus by choosing to follow Him in every circumstance. Let’s show the world what it really means to be a follower of God.

All…or nothing…

The choice is up to you, friend.

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