My interpretation of the first few chapters of Proverbs…

Rust cultivates your eyes,
Blinders incarcerate.
As a bat in a squall,
Calamity pursues your course.

Would you know His voice if He spoke aloud?
Is His wisdom familiar to your ears?

Arrogance invites herself in,
And you, the fine host,
Subdued by her appeal,
Open the doors wide.

How long will she remain sober?
Who will tame her drunken blasphemy?

Pride chills your strength
Contempt not of folly,
But of understanding;
And so, death’s shade lurks.

When did you give birth to wisdom?
Where did your fear of the Lord escape to?

Squander no more,
Entertain not haughtiness,
Lies, Persecution, or Wickedness;
Nor Evil or Trouble of any sort.

For these the Lord hates.

Seek out meekness.
She will show you her friends:
Wisdom, knowledge and understanding.

Dine with the Lord Almighty.
He will restore your sight,
Your joy, your favor, and your way.

For this the Lord loves,
A faithful servant.
Wise in the fear of the Lord,
Lover of wisdom.