This week marked a year that God has placed me in the work of the church. In reflection of the past year, I’ve realized that while I have gained an incomprehensible measure of value in relationships – God has far more blessed me through humility, usually followed by some form of much undeserved godly wisdom. Some day, I will take the time to journal those revelations. For now, here’s what comes to mind…

One of the greatest things I’ve learned is that solid leadership requires total self-sacrifice with complete submission to the will of God. Essentially, this requires immeasurable faith in God. While the reward of working for a passionate cause is invaluable, it is coupled with an increased accountability from God, an unceasing barrage of attacks from the enemy, and the sin of human nature which so easily pierces our hearts.

This is all very difficult to balance. From just my last year’s experiences, I could truthfully write several books on those three challenges of leadership; but, just know this: if you seek leadership, or think that the idea of working for the sake of Kingdom sounds fun or inspiring, and are frustrated in God’s latency in providing such an opportunity…do not be hasty. God will only provide this when He knows that you are ready.

When He does throw you in, the fire will be hot, and will never stop. It’s a continual refinement: shedding off what does not build Kingdom and replacing it with what does: this is a very good experience. Nothing equates to the fulfillment that God provides- and there is no cost that can compromise what is gained through that fulfillment. But, only if it is in accordance with God’s timing. Don’t rush it.

If you have an earnest desire to do work for Kingdom, God will honor that, exceeding your expectations. If you haven’t received it yet, pray to be humbled that you might at least receive the wisdom to understand. From there, God will reveal what needs to be pruned and what is lacking, that you may be fully prepared for the day of God’s equipping you. 

Have faith in God. Do not get caught up in what you think His plans are. Pray that He would close doors that need to be closed. Pray that He will disconnect relationships that provide hindrance. Pray that He would renew your mind every day. Pray on every occasion for every single thing. Pray as you are driving, walking, eating, brushing your teeth, waking up, working. Pray without ceasing. Keeping that constant open-line of communication with God can be one of the most rewarding experiences. I greatly encourage you to try it out if you feel that something is lacking in your life; if you seek direction; if you need healing; if you require deliverance; or any other occasion. Pray to God throughout the day, and He will honor you in what is pure in your heart.

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