Why are people afraid of vaccines and Bill Gates?

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Update: This post is predominantly written to those in the Christian faith who don’t understand why some Christians are concerned about vaccines and Bill Gates. My intention is not to convince you that vaccines are bad, but help you understand why other folks are concerned, and to stop the cycle of name-callling within the Christian faith. I do not envision this article to be the end-all-be-all for why vaccines are bad (and in fact do not believe vaccines are inherently evil), but instead to be a starting point for you to have a more humane discussion with your anti-vaccine friends and family. At the end of the day, some of us will disagree, and that’s okay. My goal is to be a voice for those who have concerns so that you may understand where they are coming from.

By now, you’ve likely seen many of your friends and family posting about conspiracy theories tied to vaccines, Bill Gates, and New World Order. If you’re anything like me you might be asking the question, “why are so many people off their rocker?”. Today, I’m going to share with you what I’ve learned about why some folks have concerns in these areas. My hope is to genuinely educate you on things that weren’t so obvious to me, that have since given me empathy and understanding for a whole group of people and causes that were otherwise not on my radar.

So what’s the big deal with vaccines?


I’ve come to understand at least 3 major reasons people might have concerns about vaccines:

  1. Health concerns:
    1. Volume of vaccines
    2. Volume of vaccine dosages
    3. Vaccine schedules
    4. Combination Vaccines
  2. Ethical concerns:
    1. Fetal tissue
    2. Vaccine approval rigor
    3. Vaccine trade-off value
    4. Vaccine mandates
    5. Vaccine producers’ lack of financial/legal liability for vaccine injuries
    6. Vaccine as population control
  3. Economic concerns:
    1. Tax dollars fund Vaccine Injury Programs
    2. Big Pharma Profiteering


When most people hear about “anti-vaxxers” they tend to think of crazy people spewing all over the camera with their grotesque pictures of aborted babies, shouting angrily about MCR-5 and vaccine injuries. Because this is what we see, we’ve been dismissive towards the rest of the anti-vaxxer movement, who is a little more…subtle.

There are highly intelligent, well-mannered, respected, professional folks who have legitimate concerns about vaccines. But finding these people is like working through a level 100 Where’s Waldo puzzle. Where are they? And why don’t we hear from them? Two reasons: (1) they don’t want to be associated with the crazy people, and (2) if someone hears that they have any reservations about vaccines whatsoever, they immediately attack them with questions like, “people used to die from polio, do you really want that back, do you?!”. As you can imagine, that’s not a great opener for engaging any reasonably-minded person in a well-respecting debate. Effectually, it’s actually quite difficult to learn about the very legitimate concerns that do exist about vaccines, because the folks who might take the time to help you understand are too apprehensive that you might judge and condemn them.

My Love of Science, Math and Logic

I grew up knowing vaccines are good. I got my vaccines on schedule. I carried around my vaccination card like a well-earned A+ report card. I kept an eye on when certain vaccines were expiring and would promptly go get a new one at the right time.

Since I was four years old, I knew two things: I wanted to build computers and be a doctor. At the age of four, I built my first computer with my dad (and have gone on to build many computers since then). But medicine in particular always had my interest above math. I was fascinated by medicine. In high school, I went through a Health Science Academy for four years, which enabled me to get Pharmacy Tech certified and CNA certified. I learned every medical prefix and suffix in the book (literally), and even spent two years learning Latin to help me better understand medical terminology. To earn my Pharmacy Technician certification, I went through two years of courses in 11th and 12th grade, and was examined by the state of Texas. I had to learn about all classes of drugs, and also vaccines. I went through many internships, at Pharmacies, at a Maxiofacial surgeon, at a retirement care community, and in all wings of the hospital, from ER, to post-op, to NICU, ICU, etc.

I proceeded to go to premed school, and was enthralled by human biology, anatomy, medicine, and the likes. I actually made the study guides in all my classes for my peers. They’d go on to make A’s on every test for which they used my guide. After a year at premed, I actually realized this wasn’t the call God had on my life (which was quite disorienting, considering I had spent the last 5 years dedicated to premed programs, and had spent the last 16 years knowing I would be a doctor).

I pulled out of med school and found my way to Psychology, where my focus was on Research Psychology and Statistics. My teachers would give me essay assignments with requirements like “minimum 13 pages and 3 references” and I was the guy who would ask “can I have 20 pages and 12 references?”. Most students were making their periods in sentences bigger as a trick to make it look like their papers were longer: I made my periods smaller to give myself more room to write. One day, I opened literally every paper relevant to my research on the Ebsco research database in a tab on Chrome. I read every one of those research papers.

In my statistics class, our teacher gave us the ability to use an Excel Spreadsheet to solve for the really challenging problems, but I preferred paper and pen, because I knew the answer would be 100% accurate if I worked it out myself and relied on pure math to find the right answer.

I ended up also with a minor in Biblical Studies, with a focus on exegetical Biblical text. I’d spent countless hours reading the Hebrew and Greek origins of words, pouring over the historical context so that I could draw the historical bridge, and would eventually map everything together to illustrate the connectedness of it all.

And today, I lead an engineering team of 35 people distributed in at least 12 countries. I’m the top-level director, responsible for estimating projects from $300k-$2M in size, ranging 3mo to 18mo in duration, and for teams ranging in size from 5-20 people. Our margins are razor thin, so if my projections are off by the slightest, our company could be devastated. Instead, in the last four years we’ve quadrupled revenue, increasing our team size from 15 to 70 people. The growth has been massive. But we’ve stayed profitable and debt free because of our attention to detail, the thoroughness of our research, and the follow through on commitment, of which I’m chiefly responsible.

For the free time I have outside of managing my team, I spend much of my time in spreadsheets creating forecasting models, and also doing research on emerging technology. On average, I’ve learned one new computer language every 3 months the last 6 years (when I had gotten my start in engineering, I had learned 6 languages in just two weeks).

The point I’m trying to make is that I am a research, math and science guy if you’ve ever met one. I trust in facts, not hypotheses; evidence, not narratives; logic, not feelings. If it weren’t for my faith in Jesus Christ, my faith would be wholly in math, science and logic. Thankfully, God had room for me in His family. My love of God, and faith in Him, however, doesn’t change anything about my love and appreciation for math and science. That’s who God made me at the core. I believe in the rigor of research, the reliability of math, and the soundness of logic and reason. Knowing God has simply positioned my trust in Him before human reason, and above reason when in conflict. But if it weren’t for God’s grace over me, you’d probably think I was Spock’s offspring or worse, even his father.

It wasn’t until I was 22 that for the first time, I heard about people who didn’t believe in vaccines. My knee-jerk reaction was that these people were loonies. I did some research at the time, and was able to verify their claims that some vaccines had aborted baby tissue in them. That made me sick, and certainly made me for the first time ask the question, “what’s in vaccines?”. I had never asked that before. Not once. I just knew they were good. I researched a little more, wrestled with the topic of vaccines, and ended up deciding that when I had kids I’d look more into it with an open mind — but that by and large, most vaccines are still good.

That was a decade ago. The last few months, I began researching vaccines again. This time around, I’ve applied the same level of rigor that I’ve always applied to research, math, science, logic and reason. I’ve spent at least 100 hours in the last 1-2 months, and quite honestly, I’m just now starting to scratch the surface. There’s so much that I don’t yet know, so many sources and references I haven’t stored that I need to go back and save, and so much that I have yet to validate or invalidate.

But, from what I’ve learned so far, I’m convinced that we should at minimum be asking questions about vaccines. I’ve written my bonafides above so that you know in full faith and confidence, that I’m likely the most skeptical person you will meet when it comes to changing my opinion, especially on something as central as vaccines, for which in the last 26 years I have accepted as right and true without question. I’m a hardcore “INTJ” personality type: known for being unwilling to change, for always thinking I’m right, and for being out of touch with feeling and emotion. While God has tempered me with grace to love and care for those around me, my affinity for being persuaded by anything less than logic and reason (outside of faith) is exactly zero.

Below, I’ll share a high-level overview about why we should be concerned about some vaccines, and why we should be engaged with our government to ensure that our kids and grandkids won’t grow up in a world where the government mandates vaccine injections. I’ll keep each of these relatively short and include resources below if you want to dig in to learn more.

A. Health concerns

1. Volume of vaccines

When I was born (1988), the recommended vaccine schedule included four vaccines:

  1. Diphtheria, tetanus, & acellular pertussis
  2. Inactivated poliovirus
  3. Measles, mumps, rubella (MMR)
  4. Haemophilus influenzae type b

Today, the vaccine schedule has tripled to fifteen vaccines:

  1. Hepatitis B
  2. Rotavirus
  3. Diphtheria, tetanus, & acellular pertussis
  4. Haemophilus influenzae type b
  5. Pneumococcal conjugate
  6. Inactivated poliovirus
  7. Influenza (IIV) / Influenza (LAIV)
  8. Measles, mumps, rubella (MMR)
  9. Varicella
  10. Hepatitis A
  11. Tetanus, diphtheria, & acellular pertussis
  12. Human papillomavirus
  13. Meningococcal
  14. Meningococcal B
  15. Pneumococcal polysaccharide

2. Volume of vaccine dosages

When I was born, the number of vaccine dosages was 15.

The number of vaccine dosages has tripled to 44.

3. Vaccine schedules

When I was born, the schedule for when to administer vaccines was less aggressive. The CDC at the time did not have an official schedule for when to administer the doses based on age of the baby. That changed in 1995.

Today, the vaccine schedule recommends 27 doses of vaccines prior to the age of 15mo, with 17 of those prior to 6mo old.

4. Combination Vaccines

Some vaccines have been combined in high concentration doses. For example, Measles, Mumps and Rubella each had their own vaccine available. In the 70s-80s, these vaccines were combined into one highly concentrated vaccine, referred to as MMR. Many are concerned about injecting this high concentration of vaccine all at once into small, developing babies. Vaccine producers have taken the individual vaccines off the market and only offer the combination vaccine.


In my personal research, I’ve seen an overwhelming number of stories of people’s babies who are otherwise healthy, engaged, and developing, but experience immediate seizure and disengagement upon receiving the MMR vaccine, resulting in autism. Similarly, there are an overwhelming number of people who have been paralyzed after receiving the Human papillomavirus vaccine. These are referred to as Vaccine Injuries, and these aren’t the only two vaccines that cause them. It’s challenging for parents with infants to prove that a vaccine caused an injury, because lawyers will often make the case that there’s no way to know that the vaccine caused autism since the baby is so young and still developing. I’ve scoured the web looking at many before and after narratives, with videos and pictures to boot, and there’s ample evidence that there is in fact a sudden and massive change in other-wise happy babies.

If that’s not enough though, given the Human papillomavirus vaccine is administered around 11-12 years old (or even as young as 9), it’s much more challenging for lawyers to make the case that an otherwise healthy 15 year old who became paralyzed after taking the vaccine wasn’t the cause of the vaccine. Here’s what’s most disturbing about the vaccines for HPV: the virus is only transmitted via sex, and especially via anal sex. The CDC recommends administering this vaccine automatically to all women — I should say, “adolescent girls” — between the ages of 11-12, and even as young as 9. Further, the virus is found in most cases to go away on it’s own, it’s rare that it results in the deadly condition of Cervical Cancer. On their page for the HPV Vaccine, the CDC sites that 12,000 women are diagnosed with Cervical Cancer each year — but HPV isn’t the only cause of Cervical Cancer, it’s one of many. How many cases were a result of HPV? Even still, the number is massively low: 12,000 cases and 4,000 deaths. But, they recommend every young girl in America receive the vaccine  — and there are many stories of parents whose daughters contracted Guillain-Barre Syndrome within 2 weeks of being vaccinated for HPV specifically with Gardasil. Gardasil happens to be the only vaccine available for HPV. At least three states (Rhode Island, Virginia, and District of Columbia) have passed legislation mandating children be vaccinated with Gardasil by 7th grade. Many more states have put forward legislation. Gardasil is one of the darling vaccines in the Merck Co. inventory, and in 2018 alone generated $3,000,000,000+ ($3B ) in revenue.

Back to vaccine injuries: There’s such a high number of people who report vaccine injuries, that in 1988, the federal government and CDC stood up the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program to deal with the mass number of cases reported. The Compensation Program offers payment only with a ‘no fault’ stipulation, as a means to silence people who have experienced vaccine injuries. Since 1988, $4,027,385,399.60 ($4B) has been disbursed to vaccine injury claims and another $216,791,324.93 ($200M) paid to legal fees for the United States Government providing lawyers to defend against these claims on behalf of vaccine producers.

In this post, I’m not going deep into the Vaccine Injury data, although it’s quite voluminous. Instead, I thought I’d simply highlight that there’s been a very recent and rapid spike in the volume of vaccines, doses and acceleration of schedules, coupled with massive amount of injury claims being paid out to individuals. That’s enough to make me go, “hmm…”. If you are interested in stories from people who have experienced Vaccine Injury, check out the movie Vaxxed and Vaxxed 2. If it’s all just rubbish, it’ll be a good laugh for you. If it’s not, perhaps you’ll something.


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B. Ethical concerns

1. Fetal tissue

Aborted baby fetal tissue samples from two babies (tissues referred to as MRC-5 and WI-38) are used in the production of at least four widely distributed vaccines (name of the vaccine manufactures who use the aborted fetal tissue referenced next to the vaccine name). Many object morally to using aborted baby tissue in vaccines. Some of these vaccines are mandated, which presents special challenges for those who morally object:

  • Hepatitis A vaccines [VAQTA/Merck, Havrix/GlaxoSmithKline, and part of Twinrix/GlaxoSmithKline]
  • Rubella vaccine [MERUVAX II/Merck, part of MMR II/Merck, and ProQuad/Merck]
  • Varicella (chickenpox) vaccine [Varivax/Merck, and part of ProQuad/Merck]
  • Zoster (shingles) vaccine [Zostavax/Merck]

These are just the vaccines produced through these two widely known strains of aborted fetal tissue. There are many more tissues from other aborted babies that are also used in widely administered vaccines (you can do your own googling on these!).

2. Vaccine approval rigor

Vaccines don’t go through the same rigor of testing that pharmaceutical drugs approved by the FDA go through. Specifically, vaccines don’t necessarily go through placebo studies. This means that when a new vaccine comes out, or if it’s been out for 50 years, scientists refuse to test the efficacy of the vaccine against the natural immunity of individuals’ who do not have the vaccine (nor of the side effect comparisons). Because of this, it is nearly impossible to link vaccine injuries to vaccines, because researchers refuse to test against placebos. So, when a new vaccine comes out, if there’s an increase in autism because of the vaccine, you wouldn’t know that necessarily because everyone would have received the vaccine, so it looks like the entire population just had an uptick in autism (for other nefarious reasons). This makes it nearly impossible to hold accountable any vaccine producer against the side effects and injuries their vaccines produce. It also makes it harder to trust the vaccines.

These scientists cite the reason for their objection to placebo studies as it being “unethical” to not give their wonderful mana-from-heaven vaccine to the children of the world. After all, their vaccine saves lives. So, we should just trust that the vaccine saves lives and not question the integrity of their work. After all, they are scientists. Scientists never make mistakes.

Some have challenged scientists on this notion, in that there are many parents who would be willing to not give a vaccine to their children, because they specifically do not want the vaccine. The objection from scientists in this case is that the parents are pre-disposed to a bias, and they cannot trust the results of the test because the parent will add confirmation bias to the results.

3. Vaccine tradeoff value

The diseases that many of the newer vaccines on the vaccine schedule treat are low in number of affected cases and mortality rate. For example, there’s a few vaccines that treat diseases that might affect 50,000 of the population in the United States (of 323M) with less than 200 deaths. Does it really make sense to vaccinate 323M people for something that is this rare? As we see the vaccine schedule growing so large, you have to wonder if at some point if it’s worth the risk of all those chemicals in our body to protect ourselves against infections and diseases for which we have an incredibly low chance of getting, and even lower chance of dying from.

4. Vaccine mandates

Vaccines have become increasingly mandated by state and local governments. In most states, a child cannot attend public and many private schools without providing evidence that they have received the minimum required vaccines. In many states, a parent not providing vaccines can be constituted as Medical Neglect meaning that a parent can lose rights to their children and even be fined and serve jail time for choosing to not vaccinate their children.

5. Vaccine producers’ lack of financial/legal liability for vaccine injuries

Earlier, I mentioned the Vaccine Injury Compensation Program established in 1988. Interestingly, this program offers 100% protection to Vaccine producers from any lawsuits from vaccine injuries (including mandated vaccines), and instead, holds the United States government liable financially but not criminally for any injury (thus, no one can be held criminally liable for vaccine injuries). I mentioned earlier that this is a “no fault” program, meaning those who file must maintain the explicit understanding and make clear that they do not hold the Vaccine producers at fault for their claim of injury (this is the only way they could be eligible to receive financial recompense — and of course, if a vaccine really did cause autism, it’s highly likely they would be dependent on the financial recompense to help offset the challenge of raising an autistic child).

The logic for absolving vaccine producers from having any culpability whatsoever is that in the 80s, there were so many people filing suits against vaccine companies, that these vaccine producers were getting buried in legal fees and payouts. They couldn’t afford to stay in business, producing more (questionable) vaccines, with all the claims of injuries. The United States decided to bail them out permanently — offering amnesty, hall pass, whatever you want to call it — so that they never have to face the consequence of any of their actions. Couple this with the lack of placebo studies, and you have a pretty dangerous recipe for mistakes. We’ve removed accountability on both book-ends of the process (pre-release-testing and post-administration-audits).

6. Vaccine as population control

The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation is now the #1 Contributor to the WHO (was second to the United States until Trump pulled back funding this year). In addition, The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation has invested $11B in philanthropic efforts, with most of that going towards vaccine production, and a large chunk of that focused on vaccine production in Africa and Southeast Asia.

Massive research has been performed by the WHO on human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) vaccines (informally known as sterilization vaccines). Researchers have discovered hCG presence in vaccines administered to people in developing countries (specifically, on tetanus vaccines). More concerning, women have been found to have been sterilized through the administration of vaccines (like the tetanus vaccine) in those developing countries.

Some researchers and philanthropologists (especially Bill Gates) have theorized that CO2 emmissions from people is one of the most damaging contributors to Climate Change, and have set out on a mission to solve the problem. Most notably, these researchers (led by Bill Gates and the WHO) have deemed Africa and Southeast Asia as the most responsible countries for contributing to overpopulation by 2050 (and thus, climate change), and have committed to reducing the population curve in these countries — specifically through contraceptive “options”.

In 2010, Bill Gates led a TED talk describing the relationship between increased health, vaccines and decreased population. Years later, he clarified his intention in this relationship, describing that he believes when people are healthier they’ll choose to have less kids.

Then, in 2015, Bill Gates hosted a convention in Berlin, Germany with worldwide leaders (funders, academia, regulatory agencies, non-governmental organizations, vaccine manufacturers, and Ministries of Health from Africa and Asia) focused on increasing vaccine administration in developing countries, specifically Southeast Asia and Africa. The convention was explicitly focused on maternal immunization (MI) against influenza, pertussis, and tetanus. In lay-mens terms, the convention was focused on how to administer influenza, pertussis and tetanus vaccines to pregnant women in Southeast Asia and Africa. The convention cited that the #1 challenge to administering the vaccine to these pregnant women was in fact resistance and objection by those pregnant women. The convention goes on to demonstrate that not enough evidence is yet available to demonstrate the efficacy or safety of the MI program, but after they administer to enough women and collect evidence (hopefully supporting their hypotheses), they will be able to use this evidence to generate greater demand from more individuals in those regions. To offset the challenge of overcoming objection from the pregnant women, the convention leaders asserted that they will need to leverage family members, tribal elders and religious leaders to critically influence community acceptance for the MI program to not just the pregnant women, but the entire community.

This isn’t the first time Bill Gates has heard of this technique of leveraging a woman’s community to propagate acceptance of immunization. Bill Gates’ father, Bill Gates Senior, served on local and national boards for Planned Parenthood leading up to Roe v. Wade. Many attribute his efforts and advocacy within Planned Parenthood as a boon for the pro-choice “victory” out of Roe v. Wade. When asked how he came to be passionate about reproductive issues as a philanthropic effort, Bill Gates references the efforts of his mom and dad, and specifically referenced the work they did in Planned Parenthood leading up to Roe v. Wade. Margaret Sanger, founder of Planned Parenthood, wrote a letter in 1939 to Clarence Gambel stating the following, “The most successful educational approach to the Negro is through a religious appeal…We don’t want the word to get out that we want to exterminate the Negro population, and the minister is the man who can straighten out that idea if it ever occurs to any of their more rebellious members.” So the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation, 76 years later, takes a pretty similar approach in Africa for the MI program, using tetanus, which has been known to be a a disguised carrier for hCG sterilization.

But this isn’t the only thing concerning about Bill Gates’ ties to Planned Parenthood. Margaret Sanger started Planned Parenthood a few different times under different names, and even retreated to Germany in the midst of WWII for safe haven from the United States government for her practicing of eugenics on African Americans. Specifically, her goal was to limit population and reproduction of African Americans. The third time she started the organization, it was thus named Planned Parenthood. And her legacy lives today. 79% of all Planned Parenthood facilities are within walking distance of African American communities. According to a study by the CDC in 2015, since 1969, Black women have the highest abortion rate of any other race, consisting of 36% of all abortions in the United States (African American population is ~12%). Let me say that another way: 12% of the population is responsible for 36% of all abortions.

In 1932, Margaret Sanger published “My Way To Peace”, postulating to Congress to “direct and control the population through Birth rates and immigration”. Three of her main objectives were as follows:

(d) apply a stern and rigid policy of sterilization, and segregation to that grade of population whose progeny is already tainted or whose inheritance is such that objectionable traits may be transmitted to offspring.

(e) to insure the country against future burdens of maintenance for numerous offspring as may be born of feeble-minded parents, the government would pension all persons with transmissible disease who voluntarily consent to sterilization.

(f) the whole dysgenic population would have its choice of segregation or sterilization.

That Bill Gates derives his philanthropic loins from his father’s service in Planned Parenthood, during which time he helped Planned Parenthood win Roe v Wade, which has effectively resulted in ~62M abortions, 19M of which from African Americans — and that Bill Gates has invested $11B towards producing vaccines in Africa and Southeast Asia for the purpose of population control, and that he would focus on using the tetanus shot as one of three primary vaccines (which has been proven in developing countries to contain hCG sterilization) in specifically African pregnant women — is highly questionable and concerning.

People ask me: “why do you share this kind of knowledge” and I’ll tell you why. If there’s the smallest chance that there exists a man who is intentionally sterilizing women in developing countries against their knowledge and will, I believe we should fight against such an oppressor in prayer and otherwise. I believe that falls in the category of James 1:27, to fight for widows and orphans — to fight for the least of these.


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C. Economic concerns

1. Tax dollars fund Vaccine Injury Programs

The United States has paid out $4B in vaccine injury claims and $200M in legal fees since 1988 on behalf of vaccine producers. Where does Uncle Sam get his money? Taxpayers, not vaccine producers, pay the price for vaccine injuries.

2. Big Pharma Profiteering

Meanwhile, vaccine manufactures are on schedule to earn $60,000,000,000 ($60B) in 2020 alone. Since they aren’t bogged down with dealing with pesky lawsuits, they can focus on generating more vaccines to add to the schedule.

Let’s take a quick look at how Coronavirus has affected stocks for seven of the biggest Vaccine producers.

Three of the biggest 10 vaccine producers are Novavax, Inovio, and Vir Biotechnology. Since Coronavirus, these three companies’ stock has skyrocketed:

novovax inovio vir-biotechnology

Wow! If you look closely, you’ll see these companies experience a massive spike in growth around January-March. It’s quite natural that we would see vaccine stock markets increase due to COVID. But what’s interesting is not all vaccine company stock markets experienced this spike. In fact, these three are the outliers. What do these three share in common? They are all backed by Bill Gates for a collective $244M. 

Here’s what the stocks look like for the #1, #2, #3 and #4 revenue producing vaccine producers:

glaxosmithkline merck-co sanofi pfizer

The common thread we see here is a big dip. None of them expected Coronavirus, they all experienced massive disruption in their business and are now recovering. Why did they experience a dip? Logically: people stopped going to hospitals to get their regular vaccines and sales plummeted overnight.

If you look at the stock for the firms Bill Gates has heavily invested in, you see the inverse: there’s actually a spike. As if they were ready for Coronavirus to hit. Why is this?

Speaking of, Bill Gates in 2015 predicted this pandemic, nearly to the tee: A flu-based pandemic by around 2020, of the weight and gravity of the 1918 Spanish Flu. He’s been leveraging this prediction to convince people of the need for a worldwide vaccine. He’s specifically been at work to ensure vaccine distribution is ready to go in Africa and Southeast Asia. We also see a massive acceleration in his financial investments in vaccine organizations starting in 2015. This overlaps well with the Berlin convention in 2015 where he asserted the biggest challenge with vaccinating pregnant women is their objection to being vaccinated.

Be on the lookout for any research that suggests pregnant women are especially at risk of Coronavirus, it wouldn’t surprise me if the CDC and WHO recommend a pregnancy specific vaccines for Cornavirus in the next year. It wouldn’t surprise me if Bill Gates graciously offers to donate another $10B to getting this vaccine to Africa and Southeast Asia.

He sure is great at predicting the future — and many still believe his intentions are pure. What do you think?


  • https://www.crunchbase.com/organization/bill-melinda-gates-foundation/investments/investments_list
  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6Af6b_wyiwI&feature=youtu.be


Vaccines wouldn’t be a concern of mine if they weren’t mandatory in the United States and if they weren’t seemingly being used to propitiate sterilization of ethnic groups in developing countries.

I’d like to reiterate one thing in all of this: this is just scratching the surface. The amount of data I’ve combed through, the evidence, hours-and-hours of testimony from individuals — it’s overwhelming. I’ve included only references in here which are either neutral or pro-vaccine. I’ve specifically not included references to data in here that is clearly anti-vaccine. I’ve done this on purpose so that you may look at the data that is skewed in favor of pro-vaccines and make a determination for yourself if you have any concerns based on the best case scenarios.

Personally, in reviewing the data, I’m alarmed by the interconnectedness of what we are seeing. Coupled with the increased censorship from Facebook, the WHO, the CDC and Google, who all appear to be in lock-step, it’s hard to know what to do with all of this information. I’ve often debated internally: “should I just be silent about this?” and “of what value does this provide?”

But, I’m continually convicted of the following nine beliefs, and I cannot shake these nor be silent:

  1. I’m concerned by the harmfulness of many vaccines
  2. I’m concerned by the lack of good science behind testing vaccines
  3. I’m concerned by the lack of accountability beholden to vaccine producers
  4. I’m concerned by any group of people who would attempt to sterilize any person or group of peoples
  5. I’m increasingly concerned by the calls for a worldwide vaccine, especially one that is mandated
  6. I feel morally compelled to share these convictions with others, so they themselves can decide if they want to subject themselves and their families to vaccines
  7. I feel morally compelled to pray often for our government leaders to be surrounded by God-fearing, righteous men and women, and to be removed from the sphere of influence of anyone who does not daily submit themselves before the Lord
  8. I feel civilly compelled to figure out how to create awareness in our communities so that we can elect officials who are committed to tackling these concerns, and also advocate to already elected officials to do something about it; and to not just stop in our own communities, but to change our laws so that we are better able to hold accountable vaccine producers — and keep big money out of influencing what we do with vaccines, and how we do it
  9. I feel morally obligated to figure out what my role is in helping prevent the oppression of widows and orphans in developing countries from rich and powerful men who have clearly stated their objective to reduce population in those developing countries

To be clear, I have no quarrel with anyone who is pro-vaccine. In fact, when produced with upmost ethical standards, it’s quite sensible to me that people would be highly interested in vaccines. However, I also seek to preserve independent medical freedom for individuals to weigh both the science and the testimonies of those who have had vaccines — and to decide what the best course of action is for them and their families. On a personal level, I feel responsible for the safety of my own family.

One indication that the government is not in tune with safe vaccine protocols is that they still maintain a “no fault” policy on vaccines, and refer only to vaccine “allergic reactions” without acknowledging the many diseases, illnesses and deaths they do clearly cause. Despite this, it’s clear to me that there are people out there who think it best for the government to decide what is safest — that we as individuals should not maintain that freedom. I am unequivocally against these people and will oppose them at every measure.

55 thoughts on “Why are people afraid of vaccines and Bill Gates?

  1. Thank you SO much for this information Ryan. It has literally been on my mind these past few weeks to reach out to y’all and see if you had any references on this topic. Clearly God led me to your post and answered my questions. Very well written and appreciated.

  2. Thank you for eloquently listing out all the things I stand behind. I am one of those who you mention in the intro to this. I’m not totally anti-vax, but instead I’m pro-body autonomy. I research everything and make educated decisions based on science rather than rhetoric. It truly is hard to have these conversations with others because they so often immediately label and judge you without having an intelligent and open minded discussion. Thank you for sharing your research. I have shared this blog with my entire friends and family in hopes that it sparks some healthy and much needed discussion in these topics. God bless you!

  3. Brilliant. Brilliant. Brilliant. I applaud you for the time you took not only to research, share and site references, but for being open minded. Thank you.

  4. Excellent article. So glad a family member posted it on Facebook. Coming to the realization of the dangers of vaccines has been a long time coming for me. If I had known more or questioned more, I certainly would have made different choices for my children when they were young. Thank God they seem to be okay. Your article has provided a tool which I can pass on to others to help them understand the dangers and viewpoints of people who do not believe vaccines are a good thing. Thank you!

  5. I have family injured by vaccines. I pray people stop blindly injecting their children.
    Please look into MTHFR gene mutations and vaccines.

  6. These are all good and reasonable reasons but not the reason that I am Not getting anymore vaccines including flu shots that my doctor insists on.Bill Gates and others like him are involved with Big Pharmacy co. in development of the Covid 19 vaccine and they are One Worlders. He wants to be able to track every human on the planet and they are putting a Nano chip in their vaccines. They will have to jail , starve and beat me and I will still NOT agree to their vaccine!

  7. Thank you for sharing what you have researched and it’s no secret that every thing you stated in your article are in fact the real honest truth … I am a Mother of a vaccine injured son who was otherwise just perfectly normal and after one of his regularly scheduled vaccine appts.when he was jabbed with 4 different vaccines in one visit…was never the same after that and a few months later was diagnosed with Autism as well as a lethal peanut allergy as well as bowl and GI issues…What can we do for this? Is it even worth trying to fight these bullies? I don’t have money to hire an attorney..Im open to anything I may have missed in my 11yrs.of researching…the mandated vaccine laws in themselves should be obvious enough but why a large percentage of our population fail to even conceive that our very own government etc.might be doing their people wrong is beyond me…take care stay safe…stay woke!!

  8. You mentioned the word lockstep. You should google LOCKSTEP. Anyone with eyes that see and ears that hear can see through all of this. Look up U.S. bill 6666. Their comes a time for radical disobedience. The time is now.

  9. This was REALLY great.

    My only feedback as another safe vaccine advocate would be your focus on autism. Autism is only one of many health concerns and issues as a result of vaccination. There are lists of possible reactions on inserts. The tear sheet in most pediatricians offices don’t even touch on them. I’d argue I formed consent should be listed in your arguments. Many pro-vaccine people often think we are out of touch with science because we focus on autism (which they feel the Wakefield study was “debunked”) There are plenty of other side effects to focus on even if you left out autism.

    Also, research continues and babies are aborted simply to develop vaccinations. It’s not just one fetal cell line developed way back in the day that Is the problem. This should be brought to light for many Christians. It’s important to the discussion.

    Also, I learned a lot about developing countries and minorities and how vaccination programs are aimed at them. You mentioned the vaccination pregnancy programs. It should be noted the vaccine inserts clearly state there is no safety studies done on pregnant women…they are listed as a class C drug.

    Super informative. Thank you.

  10. For those who believe the early history of vaccines, that they eradicated diseases, a good book that discusses this is “Dissolving Illusions” by Suzanne Humphries, MD (you can find some of her interviews on youtube). What we’re NOT told in our history (and on the news) is often more important that what we are told.

  11. You’ve written in such good, articulated and objective way, all of my thoughts towards vaccines. I’m the mother of a vaccine injured boy that stopped talking when he got the MMR and Varicella shots at 17 months. He now has a speech and developmental delay. Thank you so much for giving our concerns a very much realistic and objective approach. Thanks again!!

  12. Please keep writing on these issues as you read more. Especially re current events, Gates, conflict of interest, ID2020, nanotech/smart dust, AI, 5G, and so much more. We need deep researchers like you to sink your teeth into this and speak out. Thank you.

  13. A dear friend of mine just shared this with me. With eyes overflowing with tears I say THANK YOU for taking the time and effort to do the research and write this beautiful article. My oldest was born in 1988. I, too was a proud card carrying vaxxer. Until we watched our perfectly healthy, beautiful 8 lb 1 oz baby girl slip away from us. She will never live a normal life. Never have a career or a family. But, God has made so much good out of a horribly tragic situation. And, I’m now a fighter. As long as I have breath in me, I will share what I know. Thank you for sharing, too! God bless you!

  14. Ryan, excellent work. I was once pro-vax until my employer started mandating the flu shot. Down the rabbit hole I went! I too am an INTJ and spent hundreds of hours researching and compiling information. You have a few (mostly typographical) errors. I’m an editor and, since I’m so passionate on the topic, I’d be happy to proof this if you like. No charge.

  15. This was an excellent article that sums up so many of my concerns. I haven’t researched Gates as much as you, but everything else is spot on. One edit. The NCVIA was in 1986 not 1988.

  16. Awesomely well put together. I have family members advising me to stop watching “conspiracy theorists”, but I often struggle at the best moments to recall the best information to counter certain comments from them. You’ve summed up a lot of valid points very well with backing. Thanks Ryan.

  17. Wow wow wow! This is the best written article I have read on vaccines and why some may be against it, without looking looney! Thank you so much for putting in the work and taking the time to write this.

  18. I, too, have only recently started to dive into the study of vaccines and vaccine safety. I began in March and have also spent countless hours digging and digging. It was so overwhelming at first that I did not save many sources, but instead digested what I found. I’ve also begun to compile an arsenal of information to use and your article will be the very first thing I share with any friend, mother, father or public influence that has any open-mindedness towards this subject. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU for collecting your thoughts and sources in such a way. If you haven’t already, also look into the significant adverse affects on young males vs. young females. I am a mother of 2yo and 3yo boys and can say that I’ve been told it’s “normal” for boys to develop speech at a much slower rate than girls. In my immediate circles, there were 5 boys born near the same time frame as both of mine, and 3-4 girls. The girls blew me away at their ability to recite words from pictures and speech from as early as 6 months old, whereas both of my boys, and all the other boys born around the same time, are just now barely beginning to speak. My 3yo has pre-cursers for ADD, OCD and possibly even dyslexia. I’m heartbroken that I was convinced vaccines were “safe and effective” even though my gut told me to look a little further. I had PPD and chronic health concerns which led to surgery 3 months after having my first so I trusted my friends, my family, my doctors when it came to vaccines. Where are they now when I struggle for hours to get my 3yo to speak? No where… They don’t care. “It’s normal”.

  19. Wonderful! Thank you! I am a ‘conspiracy theorist’ by many of my Christians friends, but they do not know this invaluable information! Look up Event 201 hosted by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation in fall 2019. Its a real eye opener. Also, there are currently 69 doses on the childhood vaccine schedule (72 if you include the Tdap in pregnancy). I think you may have only counted injections. Thank you again and God Bless.

  20. There is a special place in whatever afterlife you believe in for truth seekers like you, thank you Sir. 🤙🙏🏻

  21. Great info! Another point to add is the ingredients themselves bring up safety issues—from neurotoxins to poisons to “not being evaluated to impair fertility” (Merck.com on MMR II vaccine insert). Where there is risk, there must be choice.

  22. I have not got to the end of this, must go wrangle kids….
    But a thought on the fetal cells, if there is such a high risk of rejection in organ transplants and so many test must be done to ensure safety of the recipient. Why would science/doctors/people think that random tissue cells wouldn’t cause the same reactions? It is KNOWN that you can not randomly swap parts in humans due to blood type, antibodies, ect. But the same thought is not put into the creation of vaccines.
    This is terrible for parents, we have to decide if we want to injure our kids with lifelong systemic problems or possibly have them catch a disease that is “preventable”

    1. Yes.
      And now in some states the choice is to risk “lifelong systemic problems or…” be barred from access to education, loose relationships with friends or loved ones, be rejected from jobs or opportunities all in the name of these “preventable” diseases.

      I am soooo thankful for good people who are willing to read and consider these things.

      We were slow but pro vaccines until there were too many symptoms to ignore.

  23. Thank you for this informative article. My son and DIL experienced vaccine injury with their first born and opened my eyes to the concerns with vaccinations which are quickly brushed off by doctors and nurses as non-existent. My grown stepdaughters made some snide remarks on FB and unfriended my DIL due to some articles she shared. One of them is a nurse. I have read so many articles and discovered that since starting that search, my lack of faith in the CDC (a non-neutral body that holds several vaccine patents), Bill Gates (a person who never finished his college degree but because of wealth and fame is regarded as an expert on most everything), and Big Pharma (who profit by keeping people chronically ill rather than looking for cures whether chemical or natural, which won’t make them tons of money) is waining and I have even become less trusting of our new generation of doctors who are taught, it seems, to treat symptoms over cause in many cases. I was a proud mother every time I took my son in for vaccinations and he, like you, was an 80’s child yet he was plagued with constant ear infections, constant sinus and respiratory infections, and childhood allergies which I’m inclined to think were linked to his vaccinations way back when. Since he has children, one with vaccine injury, he has learned that he has two MTHFR gene mutations meaning his body doesn’t process toxins in the same way someone without would. His wife has one mutation which pretty much guarantees their babies would have at least one. These are things that are not taught to medical personnel overall. For babies who make it through vaccinations just fine, bravo, but I fear we are playing Russian roulette with our babies because enough testing is not done to guarantee vaccines are safe. One size does NOT fit all and vaccines should NOT be mandated for everyone. My body, my choice and that should be the same for ALL people everywhere.

  24. Thank you for your research and study on the highly controversial topic of vaccines. I believe it boils down to what we all (well, all who attended school) felt in Kindergarten: peer pressure to conform. We are ridiculed if we think differently than how the culture tells us to. I also believe that many don’t want these facts to be the real truth. They prefer a more fairy-tale-like reality because it *feels* safer.

  25. Good observations. As a mother I knew it was just wrong to immediately jab your child with a needle upon birth. Children need to be nurtured from the womb. The medical system comes from the tree of knowledge of good and evil. They offer sex change operations, plastic surgery, organ transplants ( commoditizing on human body parts) vaccines (commoditizing on human body parts), abortions (commoditizing on human body parts) they cut off your feet, ripping out your ovaries, colon, cut off breast and they tell you that all the body parts God created is the result of your health issues. They are WOLVES in SHEEP clothing and its sad that MOST Christians are BLIND to the evil medical system. People run to man before they run to God for their health crisis. We are playing gods thinking we can prevent any disease. God DOES not share His GLORY with man. Yet the medical system is that golden calf we run to and slap His name on and profess God healed my breast cancer through my chemotherapy treatments.

    Deuteronomy 32:39
    39 ‘Now see that I, even I, am He,
    And there is no God besides Me;
    I kill and I make alive;
    I wound and I heal;
    Nor is there any who can deliver from My hand.

    Oh how FOOLED the world is by Satan and his lies. In Genesis 3:1 the word serpent in Hebrew is “nachash” and it means to prognosticate and that is exactly what doctors do they prognosticate over you and you believe them!

    We have been so decieved!

    Nahum 3:4
    4 Because of the multitude of harlotries of the seductive harlot,
    The mistress of sorceries,
    Who sells nations through her harlotries,
    And families through her sorceries.

    Revelation 18:23
    23 The light of a lamp shall not shine in you anymore, and the voice of bridegroom and bride shall not be heard in you anymore. For your merchants were the great men of the earth, for by your sorcery all the nations were deceived.

    Seek God for your healing and not man. Get His wisdom, not mans. Get His understanding, not mans.

  26. This is well done. And excellent read.

    I have one reason for being “afraid”, just one. The manufacturers are liability free. I would not drive a car where the manufacturer did not stand behind their product. I would not fly in a plane where the manufacturer did not stand behind their product. I would not eat a piece of candy where the manufacturer did not stand behind their product.

    Then we have the fact that God created us with an immune system specifically and uniquely designed to meet our individual needs. I trust Him more than i trust any other human being.

    Most of all there is this
    Luke 12:13-21 New International Version (NIV)
    The Parable of the Rich Fool
    I refuse to try and store my treasure here on earth. I will spend my time sharing my life with others so they can see the truth. When God comes for me, i will be ready to go home.

  27. Thank you for putting this informative resource blog together and for all the time you spent researching. I too am very nervous about the mandate on vaccines. Our rights are being violated. It’s very scary.

  28. Thank you very much for this info.
    As I read Psalm 91 at these verses
    This is what I add
    Surely He will save you from the Fowler snare of Bill Gates and from the deadly pestilence coronavirus, 5G, vaccines anything that can hurt us.
    You will observe with your eyes & see the punishment of that wicked Bill gates, NWO, WHO and everyone who is guilty

    I know God wings are protecting us.
    Glory to God

    Be safe everyone
    Let’s continue to pray and stand for our rights and stop this dictatorship

  29. Wow! Thank you for this article. I’m so thankful that you took the time to write it. I believe in choice and it troubles me tremendously that they so badly want vaccinations mandated. We will become far more sick and many more will die if these powerful people get their way. Each one of us is only one voice but if we band together, we become millions. Thank you again!

  30. So so many thanks to write this.

    Our mind changed drastically with our second child
    We were pro and slow with our first and our second. And then the rhetoric we were getting just didn’t add up. Things got worse.
    And now, no more.
    We’ve had to do a lot of healing.

    And your right, we don’t make it known to many because the backlash is fast and furious and unfair.

    If vaccines really did only what they were intended to do then there could be good things and they would sell themselves – like any good product it wouldn’t need a lot of marketing.

    It’s so strange that it gets to skip a inert placebo
    (One of the latest COVID vaccine trials are using a malaria vaccine as the placebo – whattt??)
    That they get to dip into the funds of the PREP act (pot of federal money when there’s a declared state of emergency)
    And make a profit
    And liability free
    What kind of business is that attracting?

    Thank you all for your prayers.

    I think it is time we become a little braver to open our mouthes to our families and friends to share now.

    And be part of the efforts to include
    Informed consent
    Medical choice/freedom
    Support to medical professionals to advise their patients and not be pressured to meet a benchmark of vaccination rates in order to receive kickbacks
    Medical, religious and/or ideological exceptions to mandates
    Parents ability to decline medical procedures for their children without duress

    For all vaccine handouts to have a warning on them – like the surgeon generals warnings on a pkg of smokes – that warns against the side effects of this particular cocktail of biologics

    Bless you all!!

    May the good gain in strength and wealth and influence through all this.

  31. I’ve been studying vaccine for 25 years. This is one of the best and most concise articles I’ve ever read on the subject. I would add Dr. Robert Mendelssohn (How to Raise a Healthy Child in Spite of Your Doctor) as a verifiable resource. He sounded the alarm for me during my first pregnancy in 1995. Thank you for answering the tough questions and especially for bringing to light the facts about the money trail and the complete lack of responsibility for error being afforded to these companies. For the taxpayer to pay THEIR damages to little human beings is UNCONSCIONABLE. Adding in toxic ingredients, fetal tissue, and no ethical testing methods…it’s quite literally a quagmire of deceit. It should be a HARD PASS for any thinking person. Beef up the God-given immune system, instead. ✅ Brilliantly done. 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

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