The incomprehensible events that took place this week in Oregon have reignited a cultural frenzy over gun control. Many are speaking out of their own beliefs and convictions, whether scriptural, moral, or political, imploring action to be taken. I’m not here today to provide my own thoughts on moral nor political action. However, I became concerned this morning as I see a church who is easily divided by this subject. We are polarized. People get down-right angry when the discussion is opened up to reviewing gun-control policies. On the opposite…Continue Reading “Gun Control”

Friends and family, My heart is heavy for many you out there. As I’ve gotten to know many of you, I’ve found most of us aren’t living joyfully. In fact, many of us our constantly strained. We find relief in moments here and there — but overall, life is immensely difficult. May it be physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual — we’re all always up against something that feels bigger than are we. I’ve shared with a few of you that since I turned 18, each…Continue Reading “We are hope”

Recently, I realized I’ve spent much of my life trying to be normal. I’ve never wanted to be a weirdo. From the clothes I wear, to the things I say. I’ve always just wanted to kind of blend-in and not be too noticed, except when I do something fantastically awesome..then I want to be appreciated (am I right?). But, I’ve never understood people who defy societal norms. You know, those people in a room who radiate uncharacteristically abnormal behavior or appearance. Though, I’ve come to a less incomplete understanding…Continue Reading “Are we boring?”

Hello world, It’s been about a year since I took a break from writing. I have much to share with you all, but not quite the right words to capture what the Father has led me through over the past few years. And since I do not know from where to begin, I’ll simply begin. No editing. No revisions. I’m not going to worry about getting these writing perfect. I’ll just share what’s on my heart and pray it encourages your spirit. — I began…Continue Reading “Are we living in identity?”

Leadership cannot be appointed by men. It must be anointed by the Father. Not only this, but we must accept the mantle of leadership. This means we must always put the needs of others before ourselves. When we submit ourselves to serving others in this way, so that we are willing to make any self-sacrifice, we can accomplish anything. Colossians 3:12-14: Therefore, as God’s chosen people, holy and dearly loved, clothe yourselves with compassion, kindness, humility, gentleness and patience. Bear with each other and forgive one another if…Continue Reading “Are we fighting for unity?”

I am finding that intentionality serves greater purpose than most things in life. Intentionality breads truth, authenticity and purpose. These three things are at the forefront of my desire in life. If I can live a life in truth, authenticity, and purpose, I know that I will also be justified by Christ, I will know God, and I will have loved my brothers and sisters in Christ. So then, I find it important to understand my origins. More specifically, our origins as Christians. The book…Continue Reading “Are we fearful of the Father?”

I would like to offer a reminder to help remove a great burden off of the shoulders of church leaders: you do not have the ability to create Church. Our current system of church is just that: a system. Neither individuals nor organizations have the ability to create Church. The Sanhedrin I would like to draw your attention to the Sanhedrin. By first century AD, the Sanhedrin was the court system for Jewish religious matters. The first Sanhedrin is believed to have taken place during…Continue Reading “Are we letting the Father create?”

I set out to write a book a few months ago. The tentative title is ‘Are we the church?’. I wrote quite a bit, and was really starting to get excited about what God was sharing with me, when by a series of unfortunate events, I lost everything I had written. I’ve set out to write this again. Except, rather than trying to formulate a perfect composition, creating a well-defined thesis, and being sure to phrase everything in a way that is understandable to everyone, I’d…Continue Reading “Pilot”