Update: This post is predominantly written to those in the Christian faith who don’t understand why some Christians are concerned about vaccines and Bill Gates. My intention is not to convince you that vaccines are bad, but help you understand why other folks are concerned, and to stop the cycle of name-callling within the Christian faith. I do not envision this article to be the end-all-be-all for why vaccines are bad (and in fact do not believe vaccines are inherently evil), but instead to be a starting…Continue Reading “Why are people afraid of vaccines and Bill Gates?”

For the better part of my writing life, I’ve avoided writing on topics of politics. I’ve long-held my role is to disciple and encourage those in the faith, not to get involved with politics. I’ve recently changed my view on this, and will attempt to share the basis of it for the benefit of anyone who might be wrestling with the same tension. 1. Why Avoid Politics? To start, why did I ever feel compelled to avoid writing on politics? Well, there are an abundance of…Continue Reading “Should we get involved in politics?”