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What happens when you genuinely and wholeheartedly open yourself up to being used by God?
He uses you.
Crazy thought?

I want to encourage you to be reminded of this. It’s not so crazy.

This morning in church I had a revelation. I don’t know why it was so important to me, but the thought came to me, so I wrote it as a note in my phone, “You are more empowered than Satan would lead you to believe.” I guess I have really witnessed a lot of really great spiritual leaders lately. In doing so, I have somehow developed the idea that I cannot be used as greatly as they can. It’s a silly thought. I know it’s not true. However, I was freed today with that thought. Here’s where the story gets interesting.

I’m going to cut the details short, but I have a friend who just went through a really traumatic event — I didn’t even realize how severe it was, but it was jeopardizing this persons faith. It was causing them an intense amount of doubt with their relationship with God. This person I know to be an extremely faithful servant of God. They are transparent in everything they do. It would be ridiculous for them to have such doubts.

Well, this evening I sat down to start working on some school papers. I never got them done. Somehow I found myself writing a letter to this person. It’s not something I would have ever done. In fact, my relationship with this person is one where it would not be culturally acceptable to write them this sort of letter — they are in a position of authority over me. However, I wrote the letter anyways. It didn’t even cross my mind that I shouldn’t have sent it until after I had clicked send.

About an hour later, I got a response from this person. This morning they had struggled with that doubt in church this morning. They had wrestled and wrestled with it. They were unsure of their standing with God — good or bad. This person decided to give up the issue to God, and also asked Him to give them a sign today as to whether or not they had been in the wrong for the past several months. They asked Him to show them that they were not “crazy.” That they were not “wrong.” That they were not “bad at the core.” It was just a few hours later that this person received an email from me, encouraging them, with this exact line, “you are not crazy, you are not out of the loop — however much the enemy may try to discourage you…there is nothing wrong at your core.”

Call it coincidence. Call it intuition. Call it what you will. I’m going to go ahead and call it God. Not only did He answer the prayer of this person, He also demonstrated to me the very revelation that I had this morning. I cannot wrap my mind around the power of God. I try and try and try. Each time, I wind up with a smile, and can’t help but laugh out of joy. And all this ends in me wanting to give more praise to the Father. How can I not desire above all else to praise God after a day like today? Just another demonstration of Him answering my prayer to draw me closer. I hope you experience God to the level that I have been lucky enough as of late.

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