I’m sure you are as familiar with the book of Haggai as I was about 15 minutes ago. We don’t really pay a lot of attention to these Minor Prophets. However, they bring immense encouragement for common people who aspire to do great things.

Haggai convicted the Hebrew people for stealing what belonged to God. They had used their resources and profits for building elaborate homes for themselves, rather than rebuilding the desolate temple of God. Because of their disobedience, their economy was significantly afflicted, and a drought came which cut their food and wine production in half. However, because of their immediate response to correction from the Lord, they were reconciled and experienced provision of food, and freedom from oppressors.

What little treasures have we stolen from the Kingdom of God? What amount of time or money have we allotted to ourselves rather than to growing the Church? Have we taken the foundation from the Church, using it for our own self-satisfaction, and given nothing in return – leaving it more desolate than when we found it? Have we caused our communities to flourish since we’ve come into them, or have we taken, unabashed?

Perhaps we keep the law of cleanliness alive – our Americana glazed rituals – and perhaps we’ve assembled together weekly – but what have we if we do not contribute to the communion which we partake in? Do not become satisfied with a few good sermons and hearty fellowship. The Church will not remain idle. It will grow, or it will decline. To which trend are you contributing?

Haggai 2:9 reads, “The latter glory of this house will be greater than the former’, says the Lord of hosts, ‘and in this place I shall give peace,’ declares the Lord of hosts.”

Any greatness which you have witnessed in your experience through the faith is only mild compared to what God will do through you if you will obey his instruction – instruction which is designed to prosper you and keep you from any sin or distraction that would impede your walk in righteousness. The Hebrew people were at wits end when rebuke from the Lord came. They were poor. Yet, it was at that moment which God called for them to give the most – to give what they did have to rebuilding the temple which they had desolated, and to give their time to gathering the additional resources which were required to bring the temple to full completion. It wasn’t until after they had obeyed this instruction that God restored life to their Spirit. After that, they still had to wait in obedience for 2 months until the Lord restored their crop.

Do not give up when it gets tough. That is the opportune moment to draw closer to God. That is the time where you depend on every blessing from Him to get through the day. That is when your prayer life becomes strong and you become seeded in truth and righteousness. That is when you are the closest with God. That is blessing through obedience in faith.